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Environmentally Friendly

We are an environmental friendly company and aim to abide by the international movement towards a greener society by substituting harmful chemicals using the latest “green” technology.


Products are formulated by qualified paint technologists with years of experience providing you with uncompromised quality products that lasts for years.


Products are subjected to strict quality control tests during and after manufacturing giving us the confidence to guarantee our products.

Fillrite manufactures high quality decorative and light industrial paints.

In this highly competitive market quality products at the right price is what distinguishes Fillrite from the rest.

Our products have been fine tuned over the years to provide ease of application, a true quality finish and protection to the substrate.

Our qualified sales staff makes choosing a colour scheme and choosing the right product a pleasant experience when purchasing paint direct from our factory.

Selected premium quality products are guaranteed to provide a minimum lifespan of 8 years.

Choose Fillrite Paints for high quality household paint, exterior or interior wall paint or roof paint.

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