Colour Planning with Fillrite Paints

The appearance of your home can be dramatically enhanced with a well chosen colour scheme. Select the main colour first, and then choose contrasting colours to accentuate certain areas and features. Pastel colours make a room look larger than dark colours would. Bold colours should be used with discretion in your choice as too many bold colours tend to cancel each other out.

Colour is linked to primitive associations with nature and has an effect on people’s emotions. The following associations with colour should be a good indication in the choice of a colour scheme for your home.


Dramatic. Associated with danger but too much may make one restless. Should be used with care and not in small places

Fillrite colour planning



Cheerful & Draws attention. Associated with sunshine. Can be used in small places.

Fillrite colour planning yellow


Blue Green Mixes

Reflects more light than pure blue. Can be used to brighten up dark areas where you do not want to use yellow colours.

Fillrite Colour Planning


Reduces excitability and is classified as a cool colour

Fillrite Colour Planning blue



Combines well with other colours. Associated with leaves, grass and plants. It is a peaceful, balancing colour

Fillrite colour planning

Ochers, Terra Cotta and Brown

Earthy, warm & invigorating colours.

Fillrite colour planning


Provides total balance and extra interest but add a few coloured accents to bring a mainly grey scheme to life.

Fillrite Colour Planning grey


Cream, Apricots, Peaches, Soft Pinks and Lilacs

Gives one a feeling of warmth, lightness and prettiness. These are soft, feminine colours and the overall mood is relaxing, peaceful and calm. Remember that strong, vibrant colours suggest splendour and joy.

Fillrite Colour Planning

There are many ways to harmonize colours. The colour wheel is great tool to assist you in achieving this goal. Colour harmony ensures that a room will not only look good but that it will also feel good.

We invite you to visit our factory where our sales staff will explain in detail how colours complement each other. It is extremely difficult to explain how colours work on a website due to the inaccuracy of colours on a computer screen versus the actual colour

At Fillrite we work with two colour charts.

  • Our standard colour chart contains 48 tried and tested colours.
  • We also work with the Colour Works fan deck containing thousands of colours that would satisfy everyone’s ‘taste’.

Special colours that cannot be matched to one of our computer colours normally take 2 working days to match. Our tinting staff works out a formulation with our tinting bases and colourants. A dry colour sample is then retained and filed under the customer’s name for future remixing.