Paint Facts

Paint films are applied in microns. One micron is a 1000th of a millimetre. In order for an average dry paint film of 75 microns to provide the required protection it has to be applied properly.

The film has to provide the following properties: good hiding power, outstanding adhesion, uv resistance, water resistance, stain resistance and wear resistance.

Here are some interesting facts and valuable tips to ensure a successful application:

  • Even the best quality paint used on a bad surface will fail
  • Surface preparation is the most important part of painting
  • More time needs to be spent preparing the surface than applying the paint
  • Use the right paint on the right surface
  • Read the instructions on the tin BEFORE painting
  • Two thin coats of paint gives much better results than one thick coat
  • Allow proper drying time between coats
  • In most cases of paint failures the paint is not to blame but the preparation, application or poor workmanship
  • Always stir the paint thoroughly with a flat paddle before application except for Polyurethane Glo which is a non-drip enamel
  • Use of good quality rollers and brushes will make the job look more professional
  • Quality paints do not come cheap
  • All paints fade. Some fade quicker than others. This is directly related to the quality of the resin and pigments used. Fillrite only uses light fast pigments and top quality resins.